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Congratulations for obtaining the rank of Life.  


You will now begin the final steps toward the rank of Eagle.  


But where should you begin?

There are several components that need to be completed.

• Merit Badges - Scouts must have 21 Merit Badges of which 14 are Eagle Required (white ringed merit badges)

• Eagle Project - Scouts must complete an Eagle Project.   

Merit badges are not required to be completed prior to work beginning on an Eagle Project.

Once all requirements of the Eagle Project have been completed and merit badges have been finished, proceed to filling out the Eagle Scout Rank Application.  

Eagle Scout Rank Application may be completed through Scoutbook.  Beginning the application through Scoutbook reduces the errors made through filling out the application manually.  Most merit badges and dates will be automatically filled in through this process.   You should double check all dates populated on the application with the dates listed on your blue cards (if available) and Scout Handbook to reduce errors.



Boards of Review are scheduled with

Bill Mahler North Zone Lead



Eagle Projects are reviewed by:

Nick Dzierzanowski




Nick Dzierzanowski Central Zone Lead




Scott McCleary

South Zone Lead 

630 892 9467

Nick Dzierzanowski - Vice Chair Program

Advancements and Training 



Bill Mahler - Ottawa Advancement Chair

630 465 2545


Flow chart included in PDF shows normal flow of paperwork and

all requirements needed to complete Eagle Rank

Some of the guidelines referenced in Webinar are modified due to COVID-19.  Please refer to District Zone Leads for current information

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