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Camporee Schedule of Events and Activities

Most Events Will Take Place In Our

Facebook Group

Friday, May 15

Cracker Barrel Social

What does your Campsite look like?  Share your indoor or outdoor Campsite in our Facebook Group!

Gear check and Cracker Barrel sharing too!

Friday, May 15 7:00 PM

Opening Campfire

Join us on our Council Facebook Page for lots of Scout fun!

Friday, May 15 8:00 PM

Order of The Arrow Callout

Join Ceremonialists from Lowaneu Allanque Lodge as they recognize those that have been elected to the Order. 

Friday, May 15, 9:30 PM

Astronomy Hike

Join our host, Zach as he takes us on an Astronomy hike using mobile applications!  

Saturday May 16, 7:30 AM

Good morning!

Rise and shine campers!  It's going to be a great day filled with lots of Scout fun!

Saturday, May 16 8:30 AM


What are you cooking for breakfast?  Show us your photos and videos in our Facebook Group!

Saturday, May 16 9:00 AM

Opening Flags & Invocation

Don't be late for opening flags right at 9:00 AM

Saturday, May 16 9:15 AM

Service Project Kick Off

Let's Walk The Trash Out and while we're doing it, participate in a Hornaday project of picking up a Million pieces of trash!  It's easy!  Count the items you pick up and log them here!

Saturday, May 16 9:30 AM

Campsite Challenge

Indoors, Outdoors, what does your campsite look like?  Share in our Facebook Group!

Saturday, May 16 9:45 AM

Cooking Demos

Learn from the best Chefs we know!  Scouts learn to cook very early in their Scouting journey. Here they share a few of their favorites!  

Saturday, May 16 10:00 AM


Learning and practicing knots doesn't have to be boring!  We've found some really great Scouts to help you learn knots!

Saturday, May 16 10:15 AM

Siblings vs. Nature

What adventures lie in your own home and backyard?  These creative Scouts take us on an adventure!  Can you share your adventure in your own home and backyard?  Post to our group!

Saturday, May 16 10:30 AM

Glider Challenge

Have you ever built a glider before?  They're amazingly fun but VERY FRAGILE!  Once yours is built, see how far you can fly yours!  Can you fly for accuracy by landing on a piece of paper?  Share your pictures and videos in our group! 

Saturday, May 16 10:45 AM

Crayon Fire Starters

Have you ever wanted to make your own firestarters?  With just a few household items you can have a fun project that you can enjoy in your own backyard or on your next campout!  Share your photos (in progress, or when cooled) to our Facebook group!

Saturday, May 16 11:00 AM


More Scout cooking demos!  

Saturday, May 16 11:15 AM

Hoopster Airplane

You may learn a new to make an airplane! with just a few items you have at home.  All ages!

Saturday, May 16 11:30 AM

Kahoot Challenge - Round 1

Games will shared in our Facebook Group.  One Game for Scouts BSA and Venturers & One Game for Cub Scouts.  Play your game by 2:00 PM

Saturday, May 16 12:00 PM


Lunch always tastes better on a campout!  Share what you made in our Facebook group.

Saturday, May 16 12:30 PM

Lego Builds & Doodle

Our friends at SciTech have some fantastic activities to keep Scouts busy for hours!  Check out their website here!

Saturday, May 16 12:45 PM

Fun with Science!

Our very own Professor Neutron shows us three fun activities scouts can do at home and talks about why each one of them work! 

Saturday, May 16 1:00 PM

Speak with an Elected Official

Scouts BSA Scouts working on First Class Requirement 9a have a chance to speak with the Hanover Township Supervisor during this live Zoom session!

Saturday, May 16 1:30 PM

Nature Hike

Take a nature hike through our Council's Camp Big Timber in Elgin, IL

Saturday, May 16 1:45


Scouts make the best instructors especially with knots and lashings!  Make your own useful camp gadget.

Saturday, May 16 2:00 PM

Map and Compass

We promise, you have NEVER learned about using a compass like you will in this session!  Great activities for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA Scouts to hone your skills!

Saturday, May 16 2:00 PM

Wood Badge Discussion

Join us to get information about this National Course conducted by local volunteers during our Live Zoom session.

Saturday, May 16 2:30 PM

Kahoot Challenge - Round 2

Here's another round of fun for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA Scouts and Venturers.  Take the quiz before 5 PM

Saturday, May 16 2:45 PM

Scavenger Hunt!

We have indoor Scavenger Hunts for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA and Venturing!  How many items can you find in the fastest time?

Saturday, May 16 3:00 PM

National Jamboree 2021

Our Council Contingent is nearly 1/2 full, but still has room for Scouts BSA Male and Female participants and Venturers.  Our Council Jamboree Chairman and other key leaders, including youth leaders will answer your questions live during our Zoom session.

Saturday, May 16 3:15 PM

Tin Foil Challenge

Put your thinking caps on!  What can you do with tin foil?  Create an object out of your foil and then create a story, skit, song, poem, etc featuring your foil object

Saturday, May 16 3:30 PM

Neckerchief Mask

Our friends at Boys Life share how to make a mask out of your neckerchief.

Saturday, May 16 4:00 PM

Scouts BSA - NYLT

Have you heard about National Youth Leadership Training?  This National Course conducted by local volunteers is one of the highlights of many youth!  Join us for our live Zoom session.

Saturday, May 16 4:30 PM

Mystery Ingredient Challenge

Incorporate your goldfish or other cheesy crackers into your dinner.  Share what you've made in our Facebook group!

Saturday May 16 5:30 PM

Ice Cream in a Bag

Have you ever made ice cream on a campout!  This is a highlight for many scouts on a warm summer day!  

Saturday May 16 6:30 PM

Break Camp

If you will not be camping one more evening with your Pack, Troop or Crew, it's time to break camp.

Saturday May 16 6:45 PM

Closing Flags

Have you ever made ice cream on a campout!  This is a highlight for many scouts on a warm summer day!  

Saturday May 16 7:00 PM

Closing Campfire

Join us as we remember some of the great times we've shared together as we take memories from our campfire back to our own Pack, Troops and Crews.  

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