2020 Ottawa District Award of Merit

Martin “Marty” Broderick is an Eagle Scout and has been working with Troop 26 in Bartlett as a Scoutmaster and currently an Assistant Scoutmaster.  He is also very active in Crew 2127 as an advisor and loves being outdoors with youth.  He has help lead and started units that provide tremendous opportunities for outdoor and life experiences for youth.  At the District level, Marty has served as a Roundtable Commissioner and did a great job helping promoted Roundtable and leading these meetings for our pack, troop, and crew leadership over several years.  Marty has been the Three Fires National Jamboree Chair and is currently working with getting youth to the Orion Project at the Summit this coming July.  He is a Woodbadge graduate and beads recipient as well as serving on staff for two years.  Please help me congratulate Marty on being awarded the Ottawa District Award of Merit. 

Since becoming a Cub Scout early on, Matt Clark has been involved with Scouting most of his life; he earned his Eagle Scout award in 1993.  He has served as the District Chairman for the Great Bear District and now in the Ottawa District.  He has been an Assistant Scoutmaster, Merit Badge Counselor, and Unit Commissioner during his adult scouting life.  He is a Woodbadge graduate in 2020 and will be receiving his beads in 2021.  Matt has participated in several high adventure activities, from Isle Royale to Quetico Provincial Park canoeing.  He attended the National Jamboree as a youth in 1989 and loves to be outdoors with scouts.  Please help me congratulate Matt on being awarded the Ottawa District Award of Merit in 2020.

Dale Howard is currently the Scoutmaster for Troop 12 in Aurora, IL.  He has also served as an Assistant Scoutmaster and merit badge counselor for his troop, helping young men and women reach the Eagle rank.  He completed his Wood Badge training and ticket in 2020 and is very involved in raising money for the Ottawa District.  Dale is our Friend of Scouting Chair for the Tri-Cities area for 2020-2021 and played a critical role in the Ottawa District, exceeding the $118,000 goal for our FOS Family goal.  He is an excellent example of a servant leader who is willing to roll up his sleeves and get the job done no matter the obstacles he faces.  Please help me congratulate Dale on his nomination and earning the District Award of Merit for the Ottawa District in 2020

Phil Jaynes is an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 46 in Lily Lake, IL.  He has been very involved with Cub Scouting and has transitioned into the Scouting program helping youth in several ways.  Phil is an Eagle Scout and loves assisting scouts in enjoying the outdoors.  He was a Woodbadge graduate and bead recipient in 2019.  Phil has co-chaired our Winterall District Camporee at the District level for many years and through a pandemic that pushed it to the Spring of 2021.  These activities have been very successful in help youth learn to camp, work, and have fun in the cold weather.  He served as a District Member at Large on the Ottawa District with our Program Committee focusing on the activities.  Please help congratulate Phil on being awarded the Ottawa District Award of Merit for 2020.

Bob Tighe has been involved with the scouting program since his son joined the Cub Scouts.  He has served as a Den and Webelos Leader with Pack 38  for many years.  He transitioned with his son into Troop 46, serving as the Treasury on the Scout Committee.  Bob has been very generous with help scouts learn how to shoot with the help of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in setting up skeet and trap courses over the years and fishing trips for youth.  He has been instrumental in helping the Three Fires Council with one of the major fundraisers with a trap and skeet competition for teams to enjoy the beauty and fun at Max McGraw.  He is a sponsor of the shoot and has been instrumental in securing the location for many years.  Please help me congratulate Bob on his receiving the Ottawa District Award of Merit in 2020.

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