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Current Ottawa District Award of Merit


Congratulations to our 2022 District Award of Merit Recipients

Becki Early - Becki is a mom to two boys, A.J. and Archer. Both of them are in the same Troop. She was was born and raised in Elgin, currently lives in Hampshire and has been involved with Scouting since A.J. was in First Grade, he currently is in Eighth Grade. She enjoys volunteering within the district and with Scouts and has met a lot of great people over the years. Some of them have become very near and dear to her heart. In her free time, she enjoys watching a good movie or T.V. show, and relaxing. She is staffing at the National Jamboree this Summer and is very excited to experience it.


Chuck Misner - Chuck joined Scouting in 1977 as a Webelo Scout. After earning the Arrow of Light, he crossed over to Troop 354; Gladstone, Missouri in 1979. After quickly moving through the ranks, he earned his Eagle Scout Award in 1983 while leading the troop as a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. 

Chuck’s adult scouting experience began when his son, Alex, joined Three Fires Council Pack 151 as a Tiger Cub. Soon after, Chuck assumed the role of Chartered Organization Representative for Anderson Elementary PTO and Pack 151. Alex crossed over to Troop 13, St. Charles, IL and earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2017. Chuck spent many camping weekends and weekly meetings as an Assistant Scoutmaster and Merit Badge Counselor for Troop 13 with Alex.

When not wearing the Scouts BSA uniform, Chuck enjoys volunteering for several other organizations. He is a coach for St. Charles D303 United Special Olympics, a Trainer for Leave No Trace, and an Alumni Ambassador for his engineering Alma Mater, Missouri University of Science & Technology.

The love of the outdoors carries over to Chuck’s professional time as the Safety & Wellness Coordinator for the Forest Preserve District of Kane County where he is tasked with keeping everyone safe. 

He would like to thank his wife, Julie, for all of her support and help through their many life adventures. They both enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking, biking, and world travel


Debbie Nuttle - Debbie’s Scouting Adventure began as a Cub Scout Mom in 2009, when her son, Andy, joined Pack 336 as a Tiger Scout (Eagle 2020). After a few years of actively participating in the program, Debbie became an Assistant Den Leader for her son, Ben’s, Tiger Den (Life Scout 2023). She continued her role with the Pack 336 Beach Boys Patrol for 5 years, while simultaneously guiding three Den Chiefs in earning their Den Chief Cords (Way to go, Albert, Jeremy & Andy!) For a short time, Debbie helped the Troop 31 Scribes, before dedicating herself to Troop 3. Since joining Troop 3, she has offered time and service as a Committee member, the new Advancement Chair and doer of things that need to be done. Debbie has also spent many years cheering on Venture Crew 88, assisting the Ottawa Special Needs Committee (Wizards Academy was awesome!) as well as the Three Fires Special Needs Committee and most recently, the Three Fires Recruitment Committee.  

Outside of Scouts, Debbie enjoys volunteering at the Oswegoland Food Pantry Garden and helping the American Legion Post 974 Family in any way she can. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling anywhere & everywhere with her family. 
Debbie is grateful for all the relationships and friendships created through Scouting.  

She would also like to thank her entire family, especially her sweet husband, Rich, for supporting her at every turn. “Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.”(Jean Luc Picard, “Inner Light”)


Andie Romano - Andie started as a Den Leader in Pack 113 when there was a Scout talk at her son's school in 2nd grade. He recruited 4 friends to join and a Den was born. She later became Cubmaster of Pack 113. She helped run, then Chaired Cubmobile. Her Son crossed over and she became an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 14, then Troop 1. She was encouraged to be on the District Nominating Committee. She started with Membership, then moved to Program. Her next mission is a Troop for Girls. She’s made so many friends and has learned so much!

Past District Award of Merit Recipients

Ralph Abens - Foxfire
Paul Baudouin, Jr - Foxfire
Charles Krause - Foxfire
Thomas Todd - Foxfire

Norman Buhrmann - Foxfire
Richard Johnson - Foxfire
Everett Killey - Foxfire

Burton Fredres - Foxfire
Steve Halmagyl - Foxfire
Victor Mateas - Foxfire
Cecil Piggott Jr. - Foxfire

Franky Darby - Foxfire
Robert McIndoo - Foxfire
Richard Noll - Foxfire
Estell Schermerhorn - Foxfire

Howard Dannenberg - Foxfire
Donato Garza - Foxfire
Clare Hammer - Foxfire
Robert Skinner - Foxfire

Donald Falk - Foxfire
Emery Kalman - Foxfire
Dr. Wayne Leimbach - Foxfire
Robert Sampson - Foxfire
Ila Schraw - Foxfire
Harlan Wolfe - Foxfire

Ted Anderson - Foxfire
John Burdette - Foxfire
Ruth Cahill - Foxfire
John Halmagyi - Foxfire
Wilbur Korthauer - Foxfire
Walter (Bud) Shaw - Foxfire

James Burridge - Foxfire
Ralph Christoffel - Foxfire
Jesse Ketchum - Foxfire
Norman Lawrence - Foxfire
Mayln Schraw - Foxfire
William Wiggins - Foxfire

Henry Feldott - Foxfire
Helen Johnson - Foxfire
Frank Kurna - Foxfire
William Novotny - Foxfire
Louis Oelker - Foxfire
William Wilkening - Foxfire

Steve Losievsky - Foxfire
Dewey Miller - Foxfire
William Robinson - Foxfire
Charles Stamm - Foxfire
Gerald Streit - Foxfire
Thomas Sullivan - Foxfire

Marilyn Clever - Foxfire
Clem Freilinger - Foxfire
Howard Johnson - Foxfire
Fred Miller - Foxfire
James Minott - Foxfire
Patrick O'Toole - Foxfire

Henry Does - Foxfire
Raymond Johnson - Foxfire
Jesse Knoll - Foxfire
John Popp - Foxfire
Alan Porter - Foxfire
George Scoughton - Foxfire

John Bland - Foxfire
Kenneth Latham - Foxfire
John McKenzie - Foxfire
Joe Miller - Foxfire
Dave Oatman Sr. - Foxfire
Chuck Strode - Foxfire

Nancy Anderson - Foxfire
Elmer Ansell - Foxfire
Robert Cassidy - Foxfire
Mick Clever - Foxfire
Harold Curtis - Foxfire
Joseph Fayfar - Foxfire

Charles (Bill) Adams - Foxfire
Robert Johnson - Foxfire
Roland Martinez - Foxfire
Lloyd Radley - Foxfire
Maryon Radley - Foxfire
Robert West - Foxfire

Richard Bates - Foxfire
August Bertram - Foxfire
Ruth Ann Dierzen - Foxfire
Donald Johnson - Foxfire
Jacob Zimmerman - Foxfire

Floyd Dierzen - Foxfire
Ralph Gorham - Foxfire
Del LaGow - Foxfire
Robert LeClereq - Foxfire
Lloyd Nelson - Foxfire
Gerald Wood - Foxfire

Donald Benner - Foxfire
James Draves - Foxfire
William Kettley - Foxfire
Ralph Landorf - Foxfire
John Leehnick - Foxfire
Art Shaff - Foxfire

George Cross - Foxfire
Ken Durland - Foxfire
Donald Johnson - Foxfire
Sylvia Shaff - Foxfire

Charles Anderson - Foxfire
Dale Bohn - Foxfire
Michael Carney - Foxfire
Thomas Hawksworth - Foxfire
Earl Tapp - Foxfire
Gail Thomas - Foxfire

Frank Bennett - Foxfire
Tom Korthauer - Foxfire
Randall Peterson - Foxfire
J.R. Smith - Foxfire
Dr. William Weigel - Foxfire

Karen Granville - Foxfire
Marvin Hauge - Foxfire
Joseph Hoehn - Foxfire
Victor Larabee - Foxfire
Larry Paul - Foxfire

Richard Blakely - Foxfire
Thomas Court - Foxfire
David Kettley - Foxfire
Louis McDonald Sr. - Foxfire

Arvel Israelson - Foxfire
Don Frederick - Foxfire
John Meszaros - Foxfire
James Stewart - Foxfire

Bruno Bartoszek
Stuart Webb - Foxfire
James Furman - Foxfire

George Doyle - Foxfire
Larry Fullmer - Foxfire
Kurt Delles - Foxfire
Thomas Livelsberger - Foxfire

Rex Clark - Foxfire
Gerald W. Cornwall - Foxfire
John DiSanto - Foxfire
James Rasey - Foxfire

Fred Dalton - Foxfire
Thomas Godfrey - Foxfire
Debbie Hoffman - Foxfire
Scott Scheller - Foxfire

Mary Ann Gorham - Foxfire
Robert Lubie - Foxfire
James Schelling - Foxfire
David Seraphin - Foxfire

Leonard Bergfeld - Foxfire
Herb John - Foxfire
David Stoner - Foxfire
James Winburn - Foxfire

Howard Edwards - Foxfire
Daniel Kocunik - Foxfire
Dennis Matile - Foxfire
James T. Wasson - Foxfire

Vern Amy - Foxfire
Greg Nies - Foxfire
Tom O'Malley - Foxfire
Rick Oost - Foxfire

Betty Bohlander - Foxfire
Dr. Thomas Brooks - Foxfire
Gyda Ann Otten Stoner - Foxfire
Robert Sundlof Jr. Foxfire

Robert McEnroe - Foxfire
Barret Hickerson - Foxfire

Gary Weaver - Foxfire
James Hopp - Foxfire

Harold Bender - Foxfire
John Gaglione - Foxfire

James Dunlap - Foxfire
Lin Fechner - Foxfire

Marty Broderick - Ottawa
Matt Clark - Ottawa
Dale Howard - Ottawa
Phil Jaynes - Ottawa
Bob Tighe - Ottawa

Andy Arends - Ottawa
Brent Goecker - Ottawa
Brian Tonner - Ottawa
Colleen Vogtmann - Ottawa

Becky Early - Ottawa
Chuck Misner - Ottawa
Debbie Nuttle - Ottawa
Andie Romano - Ottawa
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